Let’s advance research together

At Prolific, we understand research comes in many different styles and applications. Integrating with apps used by the research community is critical to us.

Prolific Developer Platform

Prolific API

Recruit and manage participants directly via our API.

Our Integrations and Partners

Experiment Builder & Surveys

Prolific is compatible with nearly all experiment builder platforms. The only requirements are: (1) Accessible via a share-able and anonymous URL, (2) ability to record Participants’ Prolific IDs and (3) at completion, redirect back to Prolific via an URL.

Here are some of our featured integrations.

  • Google Form
    Create simple surveys for free.
  • Gorilla
    Build behavioural science experiments.
  • SurveyMonkey
    Create & send online survey.
  • Pavlovia
    An open-source desktop platform for behavioural science experiments.
  • Qualtrics
    Measure and optimise your CX.
  • Typeform
    Run user-friendly surveys.
  • User testing

    Recruit Prolific participants directly from Useberry.

A new integration idea?

Contact us at integrations@prolific.co